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Single “Never Too High, Never Too Low”

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“Never Too High, Never Too Low” is a hopeful, upbeat song about battling the up and down feelings that life can bring. So topical, if there is a time to bring awareness with hope, it is now.  Depression has touched many of us or our family members…the message of this very relatable song is simply about balance in our day-to-day lives.

The imagery of the song presented in the first line of the chorus, “Never too high, never too low like a tightrope walker balancing a thin line,” brings to mind a high wire act like Nik Wallenda, where keeping even keel during his crossing attempts is paramount to achieving success…and in our own way we must all do the very same thing.

By Kathryn Kates & Daniel Casavant
All Rights Reserved ©2014


Click here to watch Daniel perform
"Walking from the Clouds",
on CHCH Morning Live.  Recorded on Sept. 5, 2014.


Catch Daniel perform as part of Downtown Oakville BIA’s summer music series on
Lakeshore Rd., from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm, Saturday September 13th 

Cashbox Canada cover story Sept. 12, 2013

The Buzz on Daniel

“I absolutely LOVE Daniel Casavant’s music. I see it as a sort of an indie folk version of Bruce Springsteen with a little Cat  Stevens thrown in for good measure.  Very cool vibe and I could really see him having huge worldwide success.”  Ken McMeans, Ken McMeans Presents...Representing National Country Artists & Tours, United States

"Daniel's voice is engaging and distinctive and I love it!  Daniel's love of life comes to lifein this song - an uplifting ode to hope.  It would do very well in the gospel/Christian genre."  Elissa Lansdell, Former host of CMT (Country Music Television) Canada

"Terrific intellectual property.  Good on ya - great song."  Ronnie King, The Stampeders – recipient of the Socan Lifetime Achievement Award

“One of Montreal’s most eclectic musicians.  Since this is radio, let me just describe that you can’t imagine the joy on Daniel’s face when he performs. I love the raspy voice… a lot of fun to listen to.  I love listening to musicians that know what they are doing!”  Barry Morgan, The Barry Morgan Show, CJAD Radio, Montreal

“I quite enjoy Daniel’s music. He’s got a really nice voice and his music doesn’t sound like anybody else’s and these days and ages it is hard to come up with a really unique sound. It is really a pleasure to play you on the show.”  Chris Sturgess-Olliffe of Insomnia Radio Canada

''Daniel Casavant crosses the boundaries between roots and intelligent commercial idioms with a wide expanse of styles and influences in both his writing and vocal performances - one to watch in my opinion!"   Internationally renowned singer/songwriter Steve Payne, United Kingdom

“Daniel was very personable and easy to talk to...allowing me to help bring awareness to his beautiful music.”  Diana Broomfield, WDGP Radio, Maryland

“When speaking to Daniel Casavant his charming accent and warmth immediately makes you feel his passion for his music. Born in Montreal, Quebec, this singer/songwriter has it all; a great look, musical talent and a flair for writing wonderful songs.”  Sandy Graham, Editor-in-Chief, Cashbox Canada

"Don't be fooled by a song title like "I Will Be A Real Cowboy" because Daniel Casavant is no cowboy in training. He's much more of a soul man, instead. While folk music also enters the musical picture, "Once In A While" plays to Casavant's strength - the soul ballad. He sounds a little like Cat Stevens at times, as well, which only makes everything better. These are well-developed songs by a true pro, so it's easy to ease into listening to Daniel Casavant.”  
Dan MacIntosh, Indie Music

"The sound of experience. This artist has been on the road for a while, and it shows! A great musician, who knows how to create a melody that, stays in your head and your heart, after only one hearing. And what a voice, just like sand: all at once rough and soft, warm, penetrating, it can caress your ears or blast away your armor and reach your heart. Do I dare saying lie a mix between Peter Gabriel and Randy Newman? I think I will...Dan's album is now my highway companion, when I'm alone on the road, in the dark of the night. Bravo!"  Jean-François Vézina, CD Baby

Photo credit Kathryn Kates


Photo credit Larry Arnal


Photo credit Frédéric Deschênes


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